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Warren - 11015 10 Mile Road - Warren, Michigan 48089 This is the original meat market that your parents, grandparents and senior relatavives raved about when you were a child. This meat market of the 60's and 70's moved from Detroit to Schoenoer just south of 10 mile road in 1984. Then most recently we moved here on 10 Mile Road in 1997. Please come visit us...  and yes, we still have full sides of beef ageing to perfection. This is the only way to buy your beef!
Chesterfield - 52250 Gratiot - Chesterfield, Michigan 48051 This is our newest location that has been open since 2008. When we designed this store, we held nothing back. We wanted to meet the needs of our long standing customers. This seems to be our closest version of what would be known as Boff's Gourmet Meat Market... and yes, we still have full sides of beef ageing to perfection.

Our Departments

Both locations will have will known real deal full meat deli that include all your cuts of beef, pork, poultry and fish. You will also find daily fresh baked goods, a wide variety of cheeses, an assortment of seasonings, marinades and groceries, as well as the freshest quality of vegatables.



Customer Service Warren:

11015 10 Mile Road - Warren, MI Between Hoover and Van Dyke on the northside of 10 Mile Road
+1 586 758 4545 Telephone:
+1 586 758 7631 FAX:
E-mail: store@boffsmarket.com


Customer Service Chesterfield:

52250 Gratiot - Chesterfield, MI In the Woodberry Plaza on the eastside of Gratiot - 23.5  Mile
+1 586 948 3404Telephone:
+1 586 948 3418FAX:
E-mail: store@boffsmarket.com



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Boff's Market | Boff's Meats

11015 10 Mile Road, Warren MI 48094 Between Hoover and Van Dyke

+1 586 758 4545Telephone:
+1 586 758 7631FAX: